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Mother Earth

by Angel of night

look around you, what do you see?
the sky, the clouds, the ground
houses, streets, offices and shops
a car horn sounds, a lorry stops
but is that all there is to be found?

we may have fine cities, money and good food
but what did Mother Earth pay?
we did not heed nature, though she pleaded and cried
now the birds have flown, the plants have died
and left only a dull stony grey

from the first day on earth man wanted to rule
to make Mother Earth his slave
she watched as bombs exploded and oil was spilled
we polluted, destroyed, burnt and killed,
everything she ever gave

but now at last her patience is gone
and she is starting to strike back
first walls of water she sent crashing onto land
later winds that no man-made construction could withstand
such was the wroth of her attack

oh, we listened then, were awed by her power
realised that we could fall
but as soon as the dead were buried and gone
and the cities were rebuilt, we carried on
heedless to Mother Earth’s call

so what will nature’s next warning be?
volcano, earthquake or flood?
who is to say, only Mother Earth knows
the way the tide of fortune flows
be it towards golden sands or blood

September 2005

Copyright © Angel of night


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