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After having used a computer for about ten years, I only recently came up with the bright idea of using it to record all my old analog cassette tapes on and storing them as mp3 files on a dvd.
Yes, I know, it’s been possible to do this for donkey’s years, but somehow I never thought of it.
When I still used to listen to cassettes, I prefered them to cds or computer files for listening to audio books. I hadn’t yet discovered how to jump to a particular place in an audio file and cd players tend to skip back to the beginning of a track, which makes it difficult to find where you were in, say, a half hour track of an audio book or a play.
Now however, neither factors are a problem for me. Plus most commercial audio books are only sold on cd nowadays.

I actually got the idea of digitising my cassettes from my best friend. she is doing the same right now to protect numerous recordings she’s made over the years from getting damaged or destroyed.
In my case, it’s more a question of storing and space. My original cassette collection took up two entire shelves and about half of them were empty tapes I never use anymore. So, a few eeks ago i ‘surprised’ my father with a gigantic pile of recordable cassette tapes – he’s the only person I know who still uses them – and another of old story tapes I didn’t want anymore.

Result: two shelves worth of extra space to store souvenirs and a renewed liking of Terry Pratchett (British author). I have about half his ‘discworld series’ and have recently learned that he’s published at least 15 more since I bought my last one. So, that’s already some ideas for a Christmas/ birthday wish list 😀
Plus, listening to my well loved audio books will be a lot easier, now that i won’t have to first locate the tape I want among the different piles and then fish out my cassette player from the bottom of the cupboard.
But from now on, I’m switching entirely to cds and downloads. It’ll save a lot of work and time recording.


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