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I’m not talking about restaurant menus, I mean those menus on little screens you get on almost every electronic device nowadays. It may be very user friendly for the average person, but I hate them. You see, to be able to operate anything, you have to be able to read the screen, and being blind, I can’t.
Because of this, I’ve been unable to find a digital multi-track recorder and can only use a very simple mp3 player with far less space on it than I’d like.
It also took me ages to find a (musical) keyboard that I could operate without help, ‘cos most models I tried relied almost entirely on menus to use them.

The only devices that are garanteed to be fully accessible are ones with no screen. The problem is, this screen free hardware tends not to be as good as the stuff with screens. Without a screen, every function would need a seperate button, so the more functions you put on something, the more buttons you have to cram on as well. So of course it makes sense to keep it simple. Most people who want loads of extra options would just go for a more advanced model.
That’s what really frustrates me. Simply because of the stupid screen, I will never be able to use stuff most people take for granted. Take the ipod. I’d love one of those, but I know there’s no point getting one; I would never be able to operate it easily and quickly, like a sighted person. There’s the Ipod Shuffle, which has no screen, but it’s only got 500 MB storage – don’t know how many tracks that is. Since I already have at least four times that much music on my pc, it wouldn’t really work for me either.

Sometimes I just wish I was a designer or something. Then I’d design accessible, functional alternatives to all that inaccessible stuff out there.


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